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What is included in the all-in-one

real estate client generation system...

Fact: Effective marketing strategies begin by maximizing exposure, converting the generated traffic into leads through compelling offers,

and then nurturing the generated leads to convert them into satisfied clients.

real estate marketing agency idx website setup

We provide professionally designed real estate websites with expertly crafted copywriting. Powered by IDX, it provides access to your local MLS with a strong lead capture system, offering features like saving a home, scheduling a tour, open houses, and market reports.

real estate marketing agency lead magnets creation

We can create lead magnets such as a first-time home-buying eBook, a home selling and staging guide, and housing market reports for your city, with compelling offers that allow you to capture your local leads.

real estate marketing agency crm integration

We store the lead data we capture in our CRM, which includes buyer and seller tags, their names, phone numbers, email addresses, city, and address. This enables you to effortlessly access your leads and directly reach out to them.

real estate marketing agency email automation

Our segmented email & SMS automation customizes nurturing campaigns for each lead's buying or selling journey, providing relevant content tailored to their needs. Our goal is to nurture them consistently and convert them into booking a call with you.

real estate marketing agency targeted ad campaigns

Our ad strategy starts with an irresistible offer to drive maximum traffic to your website. Utilizing cookies, we implement retargeting ads for previous website visitors, ensuring widespread exposure to the compelling offer and maximizing lead generation.

real estate marketing agency seo services

Our pages are fully optimized for search engines. However, on-page SEO alone is sometimes no to achieve higher rankings on search engines. That's why we also offer off-page SEO and content creation services to help you rank higher in search results.

real estate marketing agency blogging service

Content creation is crucial for both SEO and generating traffic. However, generic, and unedited AI content fails to attract traffic. That's why we create local real estate content to drive traffic to your website, generate more leads, and improve your search rankings.

real estate marketing agency gmb optimization

Google Business profile enhances organic visibility for real estate agents on Google Search and Google Maps. We help optimize your Google Business, and offer one-click template forms to gather more reviews from your past clients, significantly boosting your GMB ranking.



The Ultimate Real Estate Lead Generation Website: Generate Qualified Local Leads

The 4-Step Real Estate Lead Nurturing Tutorial: Turn Your Leads into Clients


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your price?
What makes IDX website superior than any other websites?

IDX website covers your MLS listings so that your site will offer a more localized and comprehensive view of the real estate market in a specific area. This is particularly beneficial for buyers who are interested in a particular neighborhood or city, as they can have direct access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), the most accurate and up-to-date source of real estate listings.

On IDX websites, users can directly connect with you, this facilitates direct communication and personalized assistance throughout the buying process. IDX websites often provide more detailed property information compared to Zillow.

Integrating IDX with a strong lead capture system will maximize the amount of buyer leads you generate through Google Ads.

How much leads I will get as a result from Paid Ads?

The number of leads you'll receive from Paid Ads depends on factors such as your ad budget, market competition, and housing market conditions. However, rest assured that with a reliable IDX system, combined with compelling offers and an excellent landing page experience, you can maximize the number of leads generated from this platform compared to any other. Schedule a call with us to learn how many leads you will get from paid ads.

How much should I set for the ad budget?

We will determine the appropriate ad spend by analyzing your market and competition level. You will be informed of the budget on a monthly basis. If you have a limited budget, we will ensure you find the perfect price that allows you to stand out in your competition with an adjustable ad budget. To learn more about your ad budget, schedule a call with us.

How does real estate SEO works?

We start by analyzing keyword search volume in your target market and create dedicated pages and blog posts around those keywords, such as neighborhood pages like "Sun City Roseville homes for sale." These pages will attract organic traffic and potential leads to your website. As your website gains traffic, our focus is on converting that traffic into leads for your real estate business.

However, it's important to note that SEO is an ongoing process. To maintain long-term success, we continuously update your content, build backlinks, and enhance your website's user experience. We will utilize advanced SEO tools to ensure you achieve a good ranking. Content creation remains a critical aspect of our strategy, and we consistently publish more real estate pages and blog posts each week to support your SEO efforts.

Can I integrate my own CRM?

Our all-in-one marketing system includes a Free CRM that fulfills all your requirements, even allowing custom records creation. If you prefer to keep your existing CRM, we can seamlessly integrate both systems using Zapier automation, ensuring they work harmoniously.

I have my own website, should I change it?

While you can keep your current website as a backup, having a strong converting website before starting advertisements is crucial for generating leads from ad spending. Our goal is to ensure no leads are wasted or bounced off. We will optimize your website to effectively gather leads through strong offers and rewards. To minimize risks, we set up your website before beginning any advertising or SEO work.

What happens if I don't satisfied by your service?

If, by any chance, you are not satisfied with our service, we guarantee to address and resolve any dissatisfaction within 24 hours. If you still decide not to continue working with us, we offer a contract termination guarantee without extra cost.

What is next when we start working?

During the onboarding process, we ensure that everything is set up from your end before we begin. We will provide you with guides for certain registration processes to minimize your future efforts. If you have any questions during the onboarding process, feel free to ask us. We are happy to guide you thoroughly.

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As we move into 2025, businesses must adapt to the changing Internet environment. Going online is no longer optional, especially for real estate agents. However, many agents mistakenly believe that having a website and social media presence or running paid ads is sufficient. But without the right approach, these efforts may fail to generate clients naturally.

Most websites nowadays struggle with ads because they lack bold claims and strong offers, making it challenging to capture leads. People prefer to receive something of value before providing their contact information. For example, a website should offer strong incentives, such as learning the accurate value of their home or exploring single-story homes for sale in their city, backed up by supporting statements.

However, even obtaining contact information is not enough to win clients. It is crucial to nurture potential leads with success stories, engaging content, and addressing their concerns, whether they are buyers or sellers. This is where email campaigns play a vital role in supporting your nurturing efforts.

To succeed in the online environment, real estate businesses need more than just a single solution. At our business, we are committed to providing comprehensive support tailored to your needs and offering a fixed price for our complete services. We strongly believe in empowering your business in the digital landscape with our fully automated systems.

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Limited Spots Available

This a reminder that our all-in-one real estate service has limited availability due to our current capacity, with only 2 seats left out of 5. Once filled, we will not accept any more agents. If you are interested, fill out the form to secure your spot.

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