Real Estate Lead Nurturing: Converting Leads into Clients

Many real estate agents aim to generate leads but overlook crucial considerations:

  • Are these leads qualified?
  • When are they ready to make a move?
  • Why would those leads choose me over other agents in my market?
  • When is the best time to contact them?
  • What should I say when reaching out?
  • I am not sure about their backgrounds and concerns.
  • As a new agent, how can I introduce myself in my market?

Failing to address these questions before initiating real estate lead generation efforts can result in wasted investment.

But still, information is collective, and you'll learn about these subjects right in this article.

1 - What Is Lead Conversion in Real Estate

Lead conversion occurs when a lead becomes an actual client.

Since real estate is one of the longest sales cycle businesses, converting most real estate leads is challenging without a strategic approach.

However, simply generating leads does not guarantee they will buy or sell with you tomorrow.

While running Google ads as a dentist might result in a paying client in your office tomorrow, buying or selling a house typically doesn't happen that quickly.

In fact, Zillow's research shows that most real estate leads, even if they are qualified, do not buy or sell their homes in less than 50 days.

real estate lead conversion takes time

2 - How to Effectively Convert Buyer and Seller Leads in Real Estate

Since real estate is a high-ticket niche, it takes time for individuals to consider buying or selling.

In the meantime, people will likely forget you in their journey if you do not nurture them properly.

However, taking a strategic approach to nurturing your leads ensures you remain at the top of their minds.

So, what is effective lead nurturing in real estate?

In real estate, effective lead nurturing is a method of establishing your credibility and trust with your leads by:

  • Educating them about the process.
  • Providing valuable tips to buy & sell their home effectively.
  • Giving them local market information.
  • Inspiring and encouraging them to buy & sell with you.
  • Crafting irresistible offers to convert them.
real estate lead nurturing process

3 - Why Lead Nurturing is Necessary for Real Estate Agents

  • You'll have the opportunity to introduce yourself.
  • They'll continue engaging with home buying and selling content that motivates them to take action.
  • They may start calling you at any time during the nurturing process because of your strong offers and call to action in your follow-ups.
  • You can build trust and relationships with your leads during the process.
  • You demonstrate your expertise and credibility on the subject, which generates additional trust.
  • This process covers all the consideration processes, gradually converting cold leads into warm leads and hot leads into clients.
  • You'll be able to hasten the consideration process by encouraging and inspiring them.
  • You'll remain at the top of their minds.
  • You'll be their source of interest due to the value they receive from you.
  • People prefer shopping with trusted partners rather than being called for sales.
  • The lead nurturing process is automated once it is set up, with no manual work required.

4 - Requirements for Starting to Nurture Real Estate Leads

Building a lead nurturing system is significantly more efficient than simply generating and attempting to convert leads blindly.

This approach saves you from hassle, monetary loss, and time by preventing the wastage of generated leads.

Now, I will explain the upfront requirements to build once and keep your leads engaged with you permanently.

real estate lead nurturing setup to convert leads

4.1 - Leads to Follow-up

Of course, without leads, you can't nurture anybody.

However, keep in mind that most lead generation methods in real estate do not guarantee results and require lots of testing, which can be inefficient regarding return on investment.

When I mention return on investment, I refer to time, effort, and money.

Simply placing ads can cost you a significant amount of money monthly to generate only a few cold leads,

Attempting to grow organically can consume lots of effort and time.

You need to find a blueprint that guarantees results at a minimal cost, returning with more qualified leads.

If you think that your leads are limited or outdated, you must follow the proven blueprint to generate qualified buyer and seller leads.

>> 'Online Lead Sources to Generate Qualified Real Estate Leads'

lead nurturing to convert them into real estate clients

4.2 - Strong Lead Capture Systems

If your lead generation systems are inefficient in terms of conversion rate, replace them with something more effective that will save your ad spend investment.

You might have great traffic from your advertising sources, but if that traffic bounces off, it will cost you for each click from your ad spend.

You need to understand the real concept of lead magnets in real estate to capture leads efficiently.

These lead magnets not only capture potential buyer and seller contact information but also assist in your nurturing efforts by showing your authority and expertise in real estate.

We explain the concept of real estate lead magnets for efficiently capturing and nurturing your real estate leads in another blog post.

>> 'Generate Buyer & Seller Leads with Real Estate Lead Magnets'

real estate lead magnets to nurture

4.3 - Automated Lead Follow-Up System

I won't delve into detail on this topic, but having some form of database to store your leads, such as CRMs, and facilitate connections between your leads and lead capture systems with email and text follow-ups is necessary before starting real estate lead nurturing efforts.

Tools like Zapier can assist you in automating generated leads to connect with your CRM.

real estate leads to nurture

4.4 - Where to Get Real Estate Follow-Up Templates

You can acquire first-time home-buying ebook templates, home-selling and staging ebook templates, housing market analysis templates, and 10 of our custom email templates for free.

But you need to tailor your offer to these lead magnets. While you have the templates, they are not customized for your market, brand, and services.

You need to edit the templates before sharing them on social media or creating an advertisement around them.

Lead magnets are Canva templates, which makes them easier to edit. You don't need to be a graphic designer for that.

If you don't have a Canva account, simply create one for free and then place your pictures, colors, and words in the templates according to how we did.

To set up 10 custom email templates, you need to follow the instructions provided along with the templates.

real estate nurturing email follow up templates

But make sure to let us know how they helped you convert more leads in your real estate business.

5 - Online Real Estate Lead Nurturing Methods

Here are the best real estate lead nurturing techniques that will help you convert more leads into clients by:

  • Introducing yourself to a cold lead with a gift.
  • Reminding them you are there to help them.
  • Establishing your credibility with real estate content.
  • Earning the leads' trust with your case studies and testimonials.
  • Encouraging them to buy and sell with irresistable calls to action.
real estate lead nurturing methods

5.1 - Retargeting - Remarketing Ads

Have you ever checked something on the internet and come across similar ads wherever you visit?

People might call this "algorithm" or "they are watching us."

But the reality is that they are retargeting ads.

Retargeting ads are display ads that appear on random websites and on social media.

These ads are continuous and may appear too often, serving as constant reminders.

Retargeting ads require at least 1000 website visitors' data to create retargeting campaigns.

The tracking cookies need to be set up upfront to track both buyers and sellers accordingly in order to show personalized ads in their journey.

This ensures that buyers wonโ€™t see ads for seller-related offers and vice versa.

Retargeting ads require an insignificant budget, like $1 per day, to display your ads to 1000 potential buyers and sellers.

5.2 - Real Estate Content Marketing

Content marketing, distinct from general content, aims to establish your brandโ€™s credibility through real estate-focused blog posts, YouTube videos, or social media posts.

It's vital for those seeking information beyond what Zillow provides, covering details about your local market's activities, such as schools, neighborhoods, the housing market, events, etc.

Utilize an omnichannel marketing approach to distribute your content across various channels through repurposing efficiently.

In today's real estate industry, technology, like AI for crafting city guides, helps with content creation.

However, relying solely on AI creates generic content; a human touch is necessary.

Additionally, content creation isn't limited to cities; people also search for neighborhoods. In such cases, showcase MLS listings like homes for sale in those neighborhoods to increase interest in your market.

real estate content to nurture leads

5.3 - Real Estate Segmented Email Marketing

This is the most crucial method in real estate lead nurturing.

Everyone talks about the importance of email marketing to convert leads into clients.

We've already emphasized the requirement of having an automated lead follow-up system to nurture your leads.

Yes, you need it, indeed, but no one tells you how to execute it properly, in order to sell their own email marketing service to you.

But before diving into how to do it, we must understand one important context: 'real estate lead nurturing stages.'

real estate lead nurturing email contents

6 - Lead Nurturing Stages in Real Estate

Imagine you meet someone, and immediately after, you propose marriage. Most likely, you'll get rejected, right?

Similarly, you can't pitch to someone who is looking for homes or considering selling a home on the first call.

Why? Because they don't know you yet, just as you don't know their background.

Sales isn't just about making a transaction but building trust and relationships.

Maybe they're not ready to move. Maybe they're not even looking for themselves. Perhaps they need to understand the value of their home before they're open to selling. Or maybe they're just browsing for fun.

The point is, there are countless scenarios, and simply reaching out and saying, "Hey, I can help you find your dream home," or "I can sell your home in less than a week," won't work.

That's where real estate lead nurturing stages come into play.

You need to identify their interest based on their readiness to buy or sell and tailor your nurturing message according to their needs.

Now, let's explore some examples of how to nurture specific lead stages.

real estate lead nurturing stages to convert

6.1 - Nurturing Cold Real Estate Leads

Well, these are the leads farthest from considering buying or selling.

Does that mean we should ignore them?

No, but reminding them is always an option to stay at the top of their mind.

Not by knocking on their door, right?

Or calling and saying, "Hey, if you want to buy or sell, I'm here to help."

Absolutely no.

First, you need to introduce yourself to them.

real estate cold lead nurturing

6.1.1 - Craft Your Introduction for the First Impression

People love gifts.

No, I don't mean you should buy wine for everyone in your city.

Digital products that address specific real estate needs can do the work.

And they are infinite since they are digital, and you don't pay for them.

It could be a first-time home buying guide, a home selling and staging guide, or a housing market analysis.

By sending these materials to your cold leads for free, you already introduce your expertise in real estate and the reason for opening your next emails.

You can acquire these materials for free, edit them, and give them away to the people in your market:

>> Click here to claim your real estate nurturing kit.

(Setup instructions are included)

6.2 - Nurturing Warm Real Estate Leads

Warm leads are those who are close to making a move.

They are actively searching for homes or interested in selling their home.

While they may not yet be hot buyers or sellers, they are actively seeking a solution.

This demographic is the ideal target audience for nurturing.

We've previously discussed how to attract this type of audience in another blog post.

>> 'Generate Buyer & Seller Leads with Real Estate Lead Magnets.'

Now, let's explore what are the ideal messages for nurturing this audience.

6.2.1 - Custom Real Estate Value Email Content

  • Custom emails are designed to give information about the process to establish your credibility.
  • Giving them tips and advices to build trust.
  • Sharing positive case studies to make them inspire and encourage them to buy and sell with you.
  • Aiming to get their responses with irresistable calls-to-action (CTAs).
  • Ultimately, the goal is to generate more appointments from your leads.

You can download 10 examples of custom real estate email follow-up templates from the real estate nurturing kit.

>> Click here to claim your real estate nurturing kit.

6.2.2 - Smart IDX Email Content

  • Display the latest MLS data from your local market in your emails to become their primary source of information.
  • If they express interest in the data, they can schedule a call with a simple button click.
  • Keep them informed about incoming open houses and price changes to generate extra appointments from your leads.
  • Provide your leads with monthly market statistics to offer valuable insights into your market.
real estate lead nurturing email follow ups

6.3 - Nurturing Hot Real Estate Leads

Hot leads are the audience most actively seeking a real estate agent.

Unlike cold and warm leads, you shouldn't focus on educating them but rather on pitching to them directly.

They are eager to buy or sell quickly, and if you don't pitch to them, someone else will.

Let's explore two pitch strategies for effectively close hot real estate leads.

6.3.1 - Soft Sell Pitch Strategy

Focusing on building rapport and trust in a relaxed manner.

Provide valuable information without applying pressure for a sale, by:

  • Show personalized property selections tailored to their preferences.
  • Highlight the features and market value of the prospect's home.
  • Offer comparative market analysis to provide pricing insights based on similar properties in the area.
  • Provide staging advice and pre-sale recommendations to enhance the presentation of their property.
  • Host virtual or in-person open houses to showcase the property to potential buyers.

6.3.2 - Hard Sell Pitch Strategy

It focuses on your services and the unique value you bring.

Emphasize urgency or limited availability to prompt immediate action, by:

  • Highlight scarcity to encourage swift decisions from buyers.
  • Offer a "sell in less than 14 days" guarantee to motivate sellers.
  • Provide limited-time offers like reduced commissions to prompt quick listings.
  • Offer pre-approval letters to show buyers are ready in the market.
  • Provide incentives such as free home warranties to attract both buyers and sellers.

7 - What to Do During the Lead Nurturing Process

Most importantly, check the source from which the lead originated to determine if a lead is warm or hot.

For instance, if a lead expressed interest on your property page, it is likely a warm lead.

Alternatively, if they have requested the market value of their home, they are likely to be hot leads.

Act accordingly based on the type of leads you encounter.

7.1 - Should You Call Generated Leads Immediately?

Yes, always.

If they've already expressed interest, it indicates they're seeking a solution.

Call them and attempt a soft-sell approach if they're not planning to move soon.

Ask if they have already spoken with another agent.

If they say yes, then switch to a hard-sell approach.

7.2 - How Much Nurturing Is Required to Close the Leads?

The statistics show that 40-50 days are required to buy a home, and 50 days are required to sell a home.

However, we can hasten this process by nurturing them. To consistently nurture them, they should receive valuable emails from your end.

But that doesnโ€™t mean every lead is cold and requires much time to nurture. In fact, it is challenging to sell to a cold lead because of the trust factor.

Meanwhile, you shouldnโ€™t try to educate hot leads that are already ready to buy & sell. Rather pitch your unique services with a hard-sell approach.

7.3 - Why Upselling Leads is Necessary Before Beginning Nurturing

Upselling is a marketing technique used to offer additional products or services to customers.

For instance, when ordering a Big Mac, customers may be asked if they would like to add a large Coke.

This is an example of an upsell strategy.

When I mention "before nurturing," it means that your website should automatically present your upsell offer right after visitors submit the lead form.

7.4 - How to Upsell Leads in Real Estate

Upselling is a powerful follow-up strategy that only top real estate brands utilize effectively.

In real estate cases, upsells don't entail selling products.

Instead, they involve prompting prospects to schedule a call to discuss their current needs based on the form they submitted.

For instance, if they opt-in to learn the market value of their home, your form should redirect them to a scheduling page where they can book a call to receive their home's value.

You can explore more examples by opting for forms on our demo site.

By doing so, you capture their lead information and secure a fresh appointment.

real estate lead conversion steps

7.5 - How to Keep Communication Up with Clients

  • Ensure buyers complete your intake form.
  • Create your inner circle Facebook or WhatsApp group for your clients, and keep them updated about your local market.
  • Provide regular updates via email or text message on the progress of their transaction, including updates from the lender, inspector, and other parties involved.
  • For buyers, create a list of properties matching their preferences from the intake form submission.
  • Recommend pre-sale improvements and do staging before marketing their home.
  • Do not skip the inspection process, which could lead to negative feedback.
  • Offer virtual home tours via video calls for clients who cannot visit properties in person.
  • Offer exclusive discounts or promotions on home services, such as landscaping, cleaning, or moving companies, to help your clients save money when buying or selling.
  • Assure your buyer clients that you will find the best deal for them and assure seller clients that they will get top dollar for their home to keep them motivated.
  • If they are sellers, update them about the interest coming in for their home.

7.6 - What to Do Next After the Deal is Closed?

  • Ask for a testimonial in a video or voice format by asking but asking these questions:
  • What did you like most about our real estate services?
  • Where were you before we started working together, and where are you now?
  • Would you recommend our real estate services to somebody else?
  • Send personalized thank-you notes or gifts post-transaction to show appreciation.
  • Follow up post-sale to ensure satisfaction and offer assistance.
  • Use social media to share testimonials, success stories, and behind-the-scenes.
  • Provide ongoing support and resources for homeownership needs.

8 - Case Study: Functional Automated Real Estate Lead Nurturing System

We know why you lose your buyer and seller leads after contacting them. ๐Ÿ’”

The reason is that instead of immediately inquiring whether they are looking to buy or sell, it's more effective to assist them, coach them, and position yourself as their mentor. ๐Ÿ™Œ

However, avoid calling them every time. Instead, give your leads something valuable before making a call. ๐ŸŽ

I will explain what value you can provide to establish trust in the video. ๐Ÿ’–

9 - How to Outsource the Entire Real Estate Marketing Process

If you work with us, you won't need to build any of these; we can tailor them specifically for your market and brand.

You will have access to our all-in-one marketing service, ensuring you are overloaded with clients. You may even need to hire additional agents to increase your capacity, eventually transforming your operation into a full-fledged business.

Unlike "the gurus" you might encounter on social media channels, we deliver tangible results with our blueprint rather than testing your patience.

You will receive all the digital marketing services at a fixed price without additional advertisement costs or extra fees.

>> Consult us for pricing and learn more about our all-in-one marketing services.

This a reminder that our all-in-one real estate service has limited availability due to our current capacity, with only 5 seats left.

Once filled, we will not accept any more agents. If you are interested, fill out the form to secure your spot.

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